Kirstin Gribbin
A girl living in glasgow who likes all things creative. Lets take a picture.
Kirstin Gribbin
This needs to be in my flat! When I get one 😂
That jumper fuuuuaaahh. 😍 #prada #fashion #voguechina
Well here it is! The last couple of hours for the most important decision for Scotland. I absolutely love being Scottish and will never back down who I am, so C’MON SCOTLAND, Let’s do this. #voteyes #proud #scotland #scottish #yes
Throwback to swimming with the fishes in Santa Ponsa 🐟🏊
blondie ✌️
Today’s great shot by @sehirphotographer ✌️💀
What a lovely thing to see when your heading home! Amazing work from @i_fro3 drawing my face! Much love for his talented muthafudger! 👊❤️
Mean girls gone wild 💀✌️
So happy I got to wear this dress, been dreaming about it for 4 years and TADA! 😍💀✌️
Home times after a fantastic day shooting with a bunch of babes. ✌️
Stew and his luscious locks 💁
All dem bitches ✌️